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Acrylic is a type of special plastic that can be used in a variety of ways. This versatile material has a glossy finish that mimics the fragile charm of glass. Discover the limitless possibilities of custom acrylic signs and how they can help boost your business in Detroit with our sign experts at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics.

Your Trusted Partner for Acrylic Company Signs.

To ensure you receive acrylic business signs that turn heads for all the right reasons, you can rely on our acrylic sign shop. Our well-trained team will work with you on acrylic signs that impress your guests and augment your business’s interior, no matter which industry you’re in.

If this is your first time looking into this type of signage, not to worry. Our team will walk you through your options, beginning with a consultation. During this stage, we will take the time to learn about your company and how acrylic signs for business can help with your marketing efforts. We will consider your objectives to help ensure your signs in Detroit are effective.

From there, our services extend to the design, creation, and installation phases so that you get end-to-end support. With our team managing your signs in Detroit, we’ll factor in your company’s unique branding and your building’s aesthetic. On top of communicating important information, we want to ensure your signage looks great and creates cohesion in your business for maximum impact.

What Are Acrylic Letters?

Acrylic letter signs are cast polymer plastic shaped into letters and logos. Oftentimes they are transparent, making them an excellent substitute for glass. They can also be painted in different colors or customized to have different finishes to achieve different results. Business owners in the metro Detroit area who want the timeless elegance of glass plaques and glass reception signage opt for acrylic. Scratch and shatter-resistant, these signs are also lightweight and can be hung on walls and ceilings. Make a lasting first impression on your customers by having an imposing acrylic logo sign mounted in your lobby area.

Get A Complete Set of Acrylic Signs for Your Business.

Due to its versatility and durability, acrylic can be used in almost every area of your facility that needs a piece of signage. If you are looking to develop a comprehensive signage program to give your customers a pleasant experience within your environment, acrylic office signs are the perfect option for you.

Wayfinding And Directional Signs

Take your branding efforts up a notch by using an LED acrylic sign in your reception area or customer’s lounge. This heat-resistant plastic can house LED bulbs in channel letters and are fantastic for brightening up interiors. These cut letters can be installed directly on walls or mounted using decorative stand-off hardware. Other installation options are also available depending on the size of your sign.

Custom Acrylic Signs for Your Business.

If you’re looking for custom acrylic signs “near me,” look no further than Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. We believe that a custom approach for your signs in Detroit is what will make you truly stand out and give your business a winning first impression.

When customers and guests enter your facility, you can create a wow factor with acrylic signs or reception signs. Showcasing signage when people arrive provides a warm welcome and helps establish your brand from the get-go. Custom acrylic logo signs are a popular choice among businesses for these reasons. Your signage looks sharp and commands professionalism for your business. You, too, can achieve these results for your company by choosing custom acrylic signs “near me.”

The Best Acrylic Signs “Near Me”

Whether you need a single acrylic signboard for your office or an entire signage system, our results-oriented team of graphic design experts at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics are ready to help you. We seek to continually provide our customers with outstanding signage solutions that drive exceptional results.

Call us today to speak with a sign professional and get a free quote.

Best Acrylic Sign
Best Acrylic Sign
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