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When complimenting a building with signs, you must take into consideration how the signs will match up with the architectural integrity of the building. It would seem out of place if a fancy building had poor-quality signs. That’s why one of our main focuses is on custom architectural signage that will match the layout of your building. From entrance signs to bathroom signs, there has to be a unified theme where everything presents itself in the perfect way.

At Detroit Mi Signs and Graphics we want to work with you hand-in-hand to create the perfect signs for your building. Whether is an expensive high-rise, or a new mall, we are committed to putting out the same consistent quality with our architectural design & signs that will finish off your building just right.

What is Architectural Signage Design?

The design of architectural signs and symbols has to do with the signage system of an entire building. What colors are implemented? What design patterns? It would seem pretty weird if all the buildings were deep red and beige, except on the second floor where they were green and beige. There has to be consistency in the signage system. This doesn’t mean that every single sign has to be the same color and have the same design. But some sort of organization with the signs needs to be clear.

Even the signs outside the buildings should match up. If you decided to erect a monument sign outside your building, it should be architecturally consistent with the building as well. Architecture is an art, and when done properly it makes the world around us more beautiful.

What Do I Need for Architectural Signage?

If you’re looking at other architectural signage companies, take a moment to consider all the possibilities. What do they have to offer? What is their price range? How good are they at producing architectural signs and engravings? We try our best to give you the best value for your dollar. We don’t compromise on quality, but we can work within your set budget to ensure your signage doesn’t become an unruly expense.

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So whatever your signage needs are, consider us at Detroit Mi Sign & Graphics. We’re competitive with some of the best companies in the country like Law’s Architectural Signs and Capital Architectural Signs. We’re leading the industry with our architectural signs and engravings, and we’re only getting started. We hope to serve Detroit, Michigan, for years to come.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions contact us.

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