Boost Your Outdoor Advertising Efforts with Banners and Flags

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What is it about banner signs and flag signs that’s kept them as one of the most popular ways of promotion? Even with the preponderance of digital advertising available, their use has not waned.

Flags and banners are great ways to advertise events because of the position of trust they hold in peoples’ minds. That’s why business owners, event marketers, event venues like stadiums, marathon organizers, real estate agents, car and truck dealerships all rely on these flexible vinyl signs.

70% of people said it is very likely or somewhat likely that their buying decision will be swayed by outdoor advertising like flags and banners.

How Banners and Flags Boost Your Outdoor Advertising

Increased visibility

A colorful flag catches the eye of passers-by every time they walk past your premises. Since the human eye is attracted to movement, the gentle flapping of a flag will always draw attention. This repeat messaging builds top of mind recall and is what compels people to engage with you.


Out-of-home advertising is a great way to promote the brand before a targeted audience. Multiple banners placed strategically can familiarize people with your business and build industry association. The flexibility in banner design means they can carry different renditions of your branding too.

Advertise night and day

One of the biggest advantages of out-of-home advertising is its persistence. Unlike radio ads or TV spots, custom banners promote the brand day and night. It may seem minor, but the ability to showcase the brand with lighted signs in the evening and at night can greatly increase reach, especially in a busy city like Detroit.

Thousands of views

Located correctly, custom banners can generate thousands of impressions every single day. Most business owners only think of installing flags and banners in high traffic areas, but also consider the height, size and illumination of the sign.

Local advertising

Flags are excellent means of reaching out to a local community. People associate them with a nearby physical location or an event that is taking place near them. It is a major reason why flags have the potential to drive more engagement than other types of signs. It also reflects the trust people place in flag signs.

Advertising like flags and banners have a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) that is 50%-75% less than alternatives like online ads and magazines.

Practical Benefits of Banners and Flags

  • Cost-effective signage
  • Can be ordered in bulk
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Convenient storage
  • Portable
  • Reusable
  • Easy to install
  • Professional installation not required

Vinyl Banner Printing in Detroit

Not all banners and flags are printed the same – it takes a professional team committed to excellent customer service to create high-quality banners. At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, we produce quality vinyl banner printing that reflects the best of your brand. Talk to a representative about your requirements.

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