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Dimensional Letters in Detroit, MI

Add more depth to your logo and take your branding expertise to another dimension with 3D sign letters. In today’s highly competitive market environment, businesses in the Detroit area are vying for customers’ attention. Turn heads and increase foot traffic to your establishment with elegant and well-placed raised letter signs by Detroit MI Signs & Graphics.

What Are 3D Signs?

Three dimensional signs are raised letter signage that can be mounted directly on walls or attached on panels or boards. 3D Signs can vary in size, shape, and materials depending on your needs and existing architecture. When used as outdoor building signs, this hard-to-miss signage allows your business to pop out and make it easier for customers to find your location.

Popular Uses for Dimensional Sign Letters

Compared to flat, 2D signage, dimensional lettering is more effective in catching people’s attention and can even lead people to your door. When properly placed using the right materials, colors, and size, raised letter signs can make your business look more professional, thereby increasing your brand’s credibility.

Dimensional letter signage is often seen in the following places.

Commonly seen as lobby signs mounted behind reception desks, raised letters have been used by businesses to impress customers and guests. Although they are called letters, the materials can actually be fabricated into dimensional logos. They are even famous in residential areas as numeric or lettered address plates or door number signs.

Types of Materials to Choose From

At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, we hold a wide array of materials and designs for our clients to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

Specialty stores and old-fashioned bed and breakfast love the warm and classic appeal of 3D wood in their reception areas. Modern facilities, on the other hand, can opt for the contemporary and charming glass-like features of acrylic. For exterior signage such as monument signs and building signs, businesses trust the durability of aluminum and HDU.

The Finest Sign Company in Detroit

If you happen to be located in the Detroit area and are looking for a reliable 3D sign manufacturer that offers exceptional customer service and world-class products, turn to Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. Our experienced team of in-house sign specialists works relentlessly to provide our customers with custom-made signage solution that delivers results.

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