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When you walk around downtown, you may have noticed something here and there. When a building has an interesting sign out front, it catches your eye and entices you to go inside. Outdoor signs in Detroit, Michigan are how you can get your business the same kind of attention; especially when you work with a trusted sign partner like us. We have some popular options for you to consider.

Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve definitely seen this building sign some time in your life. They promote every kind of business from Broadway theatres to boutique coffee shops. It is by far the most popular kind of outdoor lighted business sign out there, and for good reason! You can light the front, back, or both sides of whatever message you choose to send out to the world with your outdoor business sign.

As the name may suggest, this type of signage involves an exterior sign that is kept up with the help of a large metal structure called a pylon (or in some cases, two of them). This kind of sign can be lighted, changeable, and/or offer space for more than one business; all depending on what the needs of your business or complex are.

Dimensional Signs

This kind of outdoor signage leaps into the third dimension. The most popular form of this sign is mounting letters that stand out, but it is by no means limited to only text. A lot of people like to bring their logo to life by having it pop out with this type of signage.

Architectural Signs

There is not one type of sign in this category. It is actually an elaborate system of custom outdoor signs that work together to create something greater than all of its parts combined. The majority of signs used for this kind of system will be some kind of building sign, but it can also include banners, monument signs, and other pieces that help create that cohesive feeling that is the hallmark of this kind of signage.

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The above discussed signs aren’t your only options with our Detroit sign company, we also carry:

If you need an outdoor sign company in Detroit that you can trust, contact Detroit MI Signs & Graphics now to speak with a sign specialist and begin work on signage that makes a difference.

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