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When you think about floor graphics options for your company in Michigan, you likely consider your company’s wall space. However, the floors within your business are also a highly visible location for signage.

MI Floor decals and graphics advertising can help you communicate different information to your visitors. You can guide people to certain areas of your facility and even highlight your offerings. With floor graphics for social distancing, you can also promote safety in your facility.

As customers and guests move through the building, they’ll instinctively look down while they’re walking. This makes graphics for your floors highly visible and effective for your business. 

Floor Vinyl Stickers in Michigan

To ensure you catch people’s attention with your graphics, working with a professional sign shop is key in MI. At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we are your trusted partner for all types of signage. We design and install a wide range of sign types that will impress visitors and customers while helping you achieve your business objectives.

When it comes to floor graphics and decals, our well-trained team understands what makes signage effective. That’s why we manage all aspects of the sign-making process. From design and creation through to installation, we can focus on giving you optimal signs for your business.

We’ll also take time to discuss floor graphics meaning and floor graphics cost with you to ensure we are aligned with your goals and budget. If you’d like to receive a quote, simply contact us to get started. 

Types of Floor Decals for Your Business

You can be using floor graphics in many areas of your business in Michigan. At your business’s entrance, graphics can help with social distancing, so that people remain a safe distance apart. The graphics can also guide people through your business and point them to key areas you’d like them to visit. For example, in a retail store, this could be towards a sale section or a new product that’s just arrived.

The uses don’t stop there! There are endless opportunities to use floor graphics in your facility and we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss what you have in mind. Some of your options include:

Choose Custom Floor Decals

Our team at Detroit MI Signs and Graphics can create custom floor decals for your business that reflect your brand. With custom floor graphics, you’ll be sure to receive a personalized approach that sets your business apart.

We’ll incorporate your company’s colors, font, and logo so that your marketing extends seamlessly. Cohesion is important among your signage so that it can become an extension of your brand. 

We Offers Floor Graphics Near You

To get started with floor graphics in MI, reach out to our team of signage specialists. We’re a local sign company that has your best interests in mind. We’ll see your project through from the initial consultation to installation for a wide range of sign types.

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