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Attractive commercial signs in Detroit have a very real impact on the bottom line of a business. A survey conducted by FedEx Office found that 3 out of 4 Americans are more likely to enter a store based on its signs. The same survey also revealed two-thirds of people even made purchase decisions because the business had eye-catching signage.

It is no surprise then that some of the biggest brands in America, like Apple, Allstate, Bell, and Amazon, continue to be the top 10 spenders on commercial outdoor signage. Whether you are a start-up, small, mid-sized, or enterprise-level business, commercial signs in Michigan can help you promote products and services, raise brand awareness, and advertise your business.

For effective commercial signs, make sure your signs follow the three design best practices:

  1. Large size (readability)
  2. Bold colors (attractive)
  3. Font and background contrast (legibility)

What are commercial signs in Detroit?

A custom commercial sign can be any type of signage, digital display, or installation that is intended to promote the purchase of goods and services. A bookstore highlighting its bestsellers on a window graphic, a boutique promoting seasonal sales on street banners, or a café displaying its ‘pumpkin latte’ on a sidewalk sign are just a few examples of commercial signs.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of commercial signs and how each can be used for maximum effect.

Backlit signs – Used indoors or outdoors, these are great for advertising during daytime and nighttime hours. These are usually installed on the premises and are most effective if the business is located in an area of high foot traffic.

BannersVinyl banners are used as temporary signage – but don’t take that to mean they are fragile! Banners are used on billboards, on streetlamps, above storefronts, and are even draped on buildings. They are an inexpensive option for wider outreach.

Changeable signs – Commercial signs in Michigan that allow the business owner to change messaging easily are extremely popular. Available as interchangeable letters and chalkboard signs, they are popular with theatres, restaurants, and businesses that offer a fast-changing line-up of products and services.

Window graphics – Vinyl window graphics turn the large storefront window into a billboard. They are affordable and effective because graphics are directly in the line of sight of pedestrians. Print any shape and design you want!

Vehicle wraps – Wraps are some of the most impactful forms of local advertising. Business owners can choose virtually any type of design and message for their wrap. Particularly effective branding tools if you have commercial vehicles and make deliveries or house calls across Detroit.

Digital signs – Available in a variety of configurations and easy to program, digital signs are transforming signage. People love to watch videos, and nothing is more eye-catching than moving images. Change your messaging on the fly! Use large format displays for open spaces or smaller displays for indoor applications.

Go-to sign shop for commercial signs in Detroit

Don’t see the kind of commercial sign you are looking for? Detroit MI Signs & Graphics designs all types of custom commercial signs. Speak to us to discuss design and pricing.

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