How to Choose Lobby Signs for Your Office

Lobby logo signs made from metal
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What’s the first thing people see when they enter your business? Your lobby. First impressions are crucial to selling yourself as a successful business. Therefore, the lobby signs should be designed to capitalize on the first impression you make, leaving your visitors in awe and your employees proud. Do your business and yourself a service and work with a company that has great experience in this field.

At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, we’ve worked with many businesses, both locally and across the country, and we’re ready to help any others that are ready to embrace success!

What Type of Lobby Signs is Right for You?

You need to maximize the opportunity you have in front of you. Creating the proper layout for your lobby that is architecturally designed to look pleasing creates a comforting atmosphere. Having an orderly reception area with superb reception signage is one way to make the most of your first impression.

Here are some great options for lobby signs.

●      Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional signs are a way to show off the fun playful side of your business. They work great if your target audience is young, and you sell something like video games or art, or if you are selling any type of fun leisure activities.

●    Acrylic Plaques with Beveled Edges

These look sharp and professional. If you want a no-nonsense way to proudly display that you are a real professional with good taste, then consider these. You can promote your brand, or logo, display motivational quotes on your walls, or do anything else you want.

Acrylic lobby signs for office

●      Custom Office Lobby Signs

We can work with you, as a team, to create something unique and eye-catching. The lobby is your chance to show off to any visitors—whether they intend to do business with you or not—so make the most of it.

Other Lobby Signage Options

Along with signs that advertise your brand—the type that is designed to maximize the impression you leave—you will also need some basic signage so your business is functional. This would include safety signs, washroom signs, informative lobby signs, etc. Pretty much any other type of signage that you require that isn’t intended to market your business.

Even though it doesn’t have to be spectacular in design, it should still have a uniform and clever look to match your branding signs. You don’t want to look cheap or unprofessional in any area of your business, so don’t cut corners, and let a team of experts help you present yourself in the best light possible.

Detroit MI Signs & Graphics: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Signage Needs

Whatever your signage needs are, whether you are redecorating your lobby or need a new attention-grabbing logo design to expand your brand, consider us, at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. We’ve helped countless businesses reach their potential and we can help yours too. Call us at 248-397-8986 or contact us online. Beautiful lobby signs and great customer service are just around the corner.

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