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Dazzling LED Signs in MICHIGAN

Neon signs are so pretty at night that they have been romanticized in all kinds of artwork. They have lit city streets for ages and have earned a nostalgic kind of charm thanks to this. If you want the charming appeal of neon light signs but don’t want to deal with high energy costs, LED signs are the perfect option for you.

What Are LED Signs?

LED signage is any lighted sign that uses LED light bulbs. Businesses in MI now prefer LED because they run cold, are safe, demand low-voltage, and are not as vulnerable to breakage as neon tubes. They can be formed into different shapes to imitate old-fashioned neon or housed in 3D channel letter signs to capture your audience’s attention even after sundown.

Popular Indoor & Outdoor Uses for Lighted Signs

Depending on your objectives, there are a variety of LED light signs to choose from. Digital display or programmable LED signs, for example, can be used to display a limitless amount of information to help you achieve any marketing objective. Create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take advantage of your latest promos by displaying time-sensitive information on your digital display boards. You can also announce upcoming events or run promotional and educational videos about your organization.

LED neon signage, on the other hand, is perfect for decorating any interior space.

Choosing the Right Lighted Sign for Your Business

When done right and professionally-installed, light up signs are powerful tools that provide 24-hour exposure to your business.

Why Choose Custom LED Signage for Your Business

If you’re looking to command attention all day long, LED signs will help you get noticed. If your business operates around the clock, LED sign boards can help alert potential customers day and night. Even if you’re not open late, you can use outdoor lighted signs to communicate details about your business at all hours so customers will keep you in mind for future purchases.

Outdoors, bright, vivid LED sign boards are easy to spot and can be seen from a distance. On a busy street, this is one type of signage that can help you stand out. A combination of images and succinct messages will appeal to passersby. Couple this with a compelling call to action, and you could be inviting brand new customers into your establishment because of your signage. It could even be the marketing tactic that gets you noticed over your competitors.

Indoors, LED sign boards can be used to promote your offerings and share information with guests. With personalized messaging, you can use indoor LED signage to display the details that people need while they’re doing business with you. Custom LED signs can also help improve the appeal of your business with messaging and images that tie into your branding. The options are endless with it comes to your display, whether you choose to share text, pictures, or animations. People will be sure to notice your impressive signage day and night, indoors and out.

An LED sign company can help you create this type of signage that reflects your brand and piques the interests of prospects. Your trusted partner for LED signs near you is Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about your signage options and receive a quote on our signage offerings. 

Where to Get the Best LED Signs “Near Me”

Are you ready to learn more about the infinite possibilities of custom LED signs for your business in Michigan? Our results-oriented sign professionals at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics are the perfect persons to talk to. No other sign manufacturer in Michigan offers the same level of customer service as we do. Our happy clients trust us to provide no less than the best performing signage solutions to their visual marketing needs. To get started, simply give us a concept of what you have in mind and we’ll help you plan and design your signage. From conceptualization, installation, and maintenance you can count on us to help your business grow.

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