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When you need to quickly transform your car into a company vehicle, magnetic decals are a great solution. They can easily be applied where and when you need them to convert your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Consider the possibilities when you and your team are out on sales calls, service calls, deliveries, and other errands. When your work is completed, you can then remove the magnets, if you choose, quickly and easily.

If this is your first time looking into magnets decals, the team at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics is ready to become your trusted partner. Our signage solutions are designed to deliver results for businesses. Whether you’re looking for interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps, custom signage, or trade show and event signage, you can rely on us. Our full-service process ensures that we handle all aspects of sign-making while you continue to focus on your business. 

Benefits of Car Magnets and Magnetic Signs

No matter your industry, your business is bound to benefit from car magnets. From increased promotion to heightened visibility, there are many advantages to investing in magnetic car stickers: 

Invest in Custom Magnetic Car Decals

To achieve a stand-out look that reflects your business, custom magnets are essential. You may choose to display your company name, logo, slogan, and more details to communicate with prospects. Other important information may include your phone number, website address, or social media handles so that individuals can connect with you to learn more about your offerings.

Our team at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics will work with you to offer graphic design expertise to create a compelling design. We can also advise on designs and calls to action that will resonate well on the road. So, if the design isn’t your strong suit, you can rely on us to ensure your magnetic bumper stickers and decals are effective. 

Your Trusted Partner for Flexible Magnets Car Decals and Stickers

Businesses turn to us at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics for effective signage solutions that achieve results. We look forward to welcoming you as our next client.

Whether you need one magnetic sign or enough for an entire fleet, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are ready to offer our expertise when it comes to providing outstanding products that deliver exceptional results.


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