Make a Strong Local Presence of Your Brand with Pylon Signs

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Businesses that need to attract fast-moving vehicular traffic rely on pylon signs to rise above obstructions blocking visibility and advertise to a low-density community. These tall signs help them reach audiences far and wide and act as unmistakable location markers.

Elevated signage such as this has helped businesses cement their brand and become attractions in the area. Custom pylon signs, in particular, have long been used to promote local presence. A prime example is iconic roadside diners across America that became part of local folklore and attracted celebrities from around the country (like so many on Route 66). Today, a similar (but less romantic) concept lives on in fast food chains like McDonald’s that mount the ‘Golden Arches’ on single post pylons. The brand association for this lighted pylon sign is so strong that people immediately associate it with a drive-thru.

A lighted pylon sign like McDonald’s shows how local presence drives sales.

Pylons offer a relatedly inexpensive means of repeat marketing – the mantra for building top of mind recall. As people begin to associate a business with its industry, it starts to become a local landmark. Of course, a pylon sign cannot accomplish that on its own, but it is integral to achieving that enhanced local status.

These signs are also completely customizable, and it is not much of a leap to say that no two pylons are alike. At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, for instance, we work closely with business owners to design and build custom pylon signs. Custom shapes, lighting effects, and digital elements help the sign stand out and offer an engaging experience. Brand colors, logo, font, and other details can be incorporated easily; the larger sign face means these elements are visible over a greater distance.

If repeating the brand is not enough, signs on pylons can be used to project unique messaging too. Changeable lettering was once the only dynamic element of pylons; today, businesses can add digital screens, changeable lighting, and other features to keep their signs looking fresh. Modern LED technology has advanced so much that illuminating a sign throughout the day has a negligible impact on energy costs.

Are you looking to establish a strong local presence with a sign that towers over your competition? Speak to us. We make getting pylon signs in Detroit completely turnkey. Our team designs, builds, installs, and maintains pylons. We can advise you on applicable city permits and public safety bylaws.

Can a pylon sign help your brand build a local presence?

Elevated signage has helped thousands of businesses tower over obstructions and increase sales. Once a preserve of roadside joints and highway gas stops, pylons can be found dotted across Detroit today. Here are some businesses we work with for their pylon signs.

  • Auto dealerships
  • Restaurants and diners
  • Gas stations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Strip malls
  • Department stores
  • Hotels
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