Monument Signs: Make an Unforgettable Impression

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Monument signs have traditionally been the preserve of businesses with a large footprint. Industrial parks, hospitals, large commercial buildings, and universities often introduce visitors to the complex with an equally imposing custom monument sign.

Monument signs are an extension of your presence: they must not only be engaging; they must reflect the business.

Monuments are incredibly effective at capturing passers-by’s attention; many monuments are used to act as location markers for vehicular traffic as well. And a business can make a very memorable impression with a unique monument sign design. Let’s first look at what gives these signs such imposing presence:

Size – Monument sign faces are large, being several feet wide and several feet tall. Monuments are designed to be imposing and unmissable.

Prestige – A particular prestige value is attached to monuments because only businesses and organizations of a specific size install them.

Importance – Since monuments are used by relatively large institutions, they bring a sense of importance. People are far more likely to pay attention to a monument than hoarding or billboard.

However, just because a sign is large does not mean it will naturally make a memorable impression. To make a truly unforgettable impression, the design needs to be just right.

Tips for Memorable Monument Sign Design

Understand your business – A monument sign is installed on the property’s fringes as an ‘extension’ of the company. Have a clear understanding of what your business represents before you start to design a custom monument sign.

Messaging – Monuments may be large, but the messaging has to be extremely concise. Consider adding a tag line as it provides information about the ethos of the business. Humorous or unique graphical elements will add recall value too.

Material – Material choice and finish have a profound effect on the look and feel of a sign. Wooden signs signify something very different to ones with a metallic appearance. Try out a few other materials during the design stage to see which works best for you.

Lighting – Illumination is essential for any signage today, and monuments are no different. How brightly the sign needs lighting, whether it should be spotlighted or halo-lit, are questions you need to consider. For a truly memorable sign, why not consider RGB LED lighting that can be altered throughout the day?

Digital displays – Incorporate digital displays into your monument for the most unforgettable signs. These let you change messaging on-the-fly, showcase promotions, and engage people in so many different ways.

At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we work with business owners across the city for high-quality monument signs. Our team designs fabricates and installs signs in-house. We offer competitive rates and shorter delivery times than other monument sign companies in Detroit. Talk to us about your requirements.  

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