Points to Consider for Effective Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs
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Are you looking to refresh your real estate signs and create signage that sells in Detroit, MI? In both commercial and residential sales, signage is a key tactic among your marketing tools. Signs act as your partner when it comes to promoting your listings all day long.

However, the best signage involves careful thought and consideration. From their design to their placement, there are many factors to consider to ensure your signage is effective. Consider the five points below for creating the most effective real estate signs.

1. Signage Type

You’ve likely come across many types of real estate signs in your career. Lawn signs are one of the most common signage types. However, if you really want to turn heads, there are additional options to consider.

Feather flags are tall and eye-catching with fabric that flutters in the wind. They can be an effective choice in busy neighborhoods where lawn signs simply won’t stand out. In many commercial environments, window signs are an ideal choice for properties with large windows. Bright, colorful vinyl window signs can be hard to miss when people pass by.

2. Eye-Catching Design

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to designing the most effective real estate signs. Color and font choices, along with layout are key to creating compelling designs. Simplicity is often preferred, ensuring your signs are easy to read with a quick glance. A professional signage company can help you create impressive signage that delivers on these objectives.

3. Compelling Call to Action

Passersby may only have a few seconds to view your signs, so you’ll want to communicate with them succinctly. This means including a clear and compelling call to action in your design. Perhaps you want them to call you and arrange a viewing? Or visit your website for a virtual tour? No matter your request, simple messaging will ensure they act after viewing your signage.

4. Custom Real Estate Signs

Branding is critical when it comes to effective signs, allowing your signage to stand out from all the rest. Generic signs might get the job done, but they won’t stand out or showcase your professionalism as a realtor. If you’re looking to bring in new clients on top of making sales, be sure to choose custom real estate signs. This will allow you to proudly spread your name throughout the community to bring in new clients for future listings.

5. Location for Real Estate Sign Installation

The placement of your signs is just as critical as their design. Depending on your neighborhood, you’ll want to ensure your signage is angled to traffic for maximum visibility. Professional real estate sign installation can assist in this regard.

At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, our process considers all the points above to ensure you receive high-quality, effective signage in Detroit, MI. From design and creation through to installation, you can rely on our well-trained team of signage professionals. Simply contact us to request a quote today!

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