Pylon Signs and their Benefits

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Outdoor signs play a crucial role in letting your target audience know, remember, and differentiate your brand from others. Pylon signs, in particular, are large freestanding structures supported by double or single poles. Advertisements can be displayed on either or both sides. With strategic installation, you can specifically grab the attention of motorists with little to no blockages. 

Advantages of Investing in Pole & Pylon Signs for Your Detroit Business

  • Maximum visibility: Since pylon signs are built to tower over other structures, you can effortlessly promote the brands you are carrying or advertise your own products and services from miles away. In doing so, you get a higher chance of converting leads because you got their attention first.
  • Increase foot traffic: Imagine this, a group of friends is about to go on a shopping spree. They initially intended to go elsewhere, but they saw your signage first. When that happens, there is a significant likelihood that their plans will change and decide to go to your retail store instead. This increases foot traffic and opportunities to make a sale.
  • Claim the location: With pylon signs in Detroit, it is nearly impossible for your establishment to be ignored or overshadowed by others. Customers often stick to what they are familiar with. The more exposure your brand gets from the public eye, the more you become a household name that locals go to for specific products or services.
  • Round-the-clock advertising: LED pylon signs will give your business 24/7 marketing communications without additional charge on airtimes, platforms, and a number of exposures. You don’t have to worry about low light situations because LED is engineered to emit bright and vibrant luminescence without consuming too much energy, allowing you to maximize your advertising budget.
  • Multi-tenant promotion: Thanks to their size, customized pylon signs are excellent tools to let the public know about the offices or smaller establishments found in your building or on your property. This why they are commonly found at shopping malls, hospitals, and commercial spaces.
  • Impressive and memorable media displays: Pylon signs are fantastic avenues to put up digital displays, allowing you to showcase your latest product launches, video advertisements, campaigns, product photoshoots, and more. By combining these two signs, you can get the most out of your investments.

Your Go-To Custom Pylon Signs Shop in Detroit, MI

Detroit MI Signs and Graphics is a reliable sign shop in the area that specializes in various visual communication solutions for businesses and organizations. We are comprised of a team of talented and dedicated sign experts who always strive for excellence in every project that we handle.

Our pylon signs are manufactured with top-grade materials that can withstand harsh weather elements. We secure your signs in place with our modern and efficient installation techniques. Do you want to have them illuminated? Our team has your back on that as well.

Give us a call today to learn more about how Detroit MI Signs and Graphics can turbocharge your marketing performance.

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