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What Is Pylon Signage?

This is a kind of freestanding pylon signs most commonly used for advertising and navigation. You may find pylon sign most commonly at gas stations, theatres, motels, churches, and restaurants in Detroit, MI. While some signs can stand five feet tall, most can stand way taller, towering above vehicles and one-story buildings.

You may also have come across illuminated pylon signs that are most visible at night. These contain a lightbox with LED or fluorescent bulbs, allowing the contents of the signage to glow and stand out after sundown.

Different Kinds of Pylon Signage

You can also opt for custom pylon signs, according to your needs. For instance, if you find poles unsightly, you can have them covered or painted in a certain way. You can even add a lightbox to your signage to make it attract even more attention at night.

How Can Illuminated Pylon Sign Benefit Your Business?

You only need to look at illuminated pylon signs around Detroit to know how they can boost your brand. Ask yourself, “What do I think of pylon signs near me—at least, the ones I pass by regularly?” Chances are that you found yourself remembering the contents of these signs, which is testament to their effectiveness.

Due to their sheer size, they can provide maximum visibility at all times of the day—they can even be seen from afar if placed right!

Pylon signage is also customizable, allowing you to display visual marketing materials that are appropriate to your business. Most of all, these signs are cost-effective, ensuring that your advertising budget does not go to waste.

The Best Pylon Sign Company in Michigan

There is no need to look far for a reliable pylon sign manufacturer. We can provide high-quality, durable, and cost-effective signage that will suit your needs. We pride ourselves on using the best available materials and processes to create world-class signage that will help your business stand out in Detroit.

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