The Difference Between Neon and Led Channel Letters

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Illuminated signs are essential investments for your business to enjoy round-the-clock marketing without the high cost. Investing in these will give your company a boost since your establishment will stand out from competitors and pique passersby’s interest even from a certain distance. Although there are many kinds of lighted signs you can choose from, two of the most popular ones are neon and custom channel letter signs.

What are Illuminated Channel Letters?

Channel letters have individually crafted elements that are sculpted according to your preferred designs. These have hollow interiors wherein LED light tubes pass through. You can choose among  four different channel letter styles:

  • Front-lit: The light source is covered by a translucent face, allowing illumination to pass through. Your signage partner can help you choose the perfect combination of light and face colors to achieve your preferred design.
  • Backlit: Here, LED bounces off the surface where the sign is installed, creating an impressive halo-effect:
  • Combination: Both characteristics of front-lit and backlit types are integrated to create an eye-catching and showstopping sign.
  • Open face: For entrepreneurs that want an LED sign that has an old-school or industrial appeal, opt for open face channel letters. As the name suggests, the letters don’t have a face, exposing the internal light source.

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are one of the first illuminated sign types that businesses used to draw more attention to their establishments. These were used as early as the 1900s, and their popularity grew exponentially during the 1950s. With these, tubes are filled with neon gas to achieve a vibrant and head-turning display. It has a charmingly retro style, perfect for businesses with the same branding strategy or those that want to add some creative touches to their establishments. These are a hit among consumers, especially in this digital age where they intentionally visit places with picture-worthy décor.

Channel Letter Signage VS Neon signs: Which One is Better?

When choosing between either kind of business sign, it all boils down to your preferences. Both types are equally effective in boosting your brand visibility regardless of the weather or time of the day. What’s great about these two is that you can integrate both types to create a memorable storefront and bring in more customers. Channel letters can be installed on the top portion of the building, whereas neon signs can be affixed by the window or entrance door at an eye level. These work great as indoor signs as well. Though, if we had to recommend one over the other, it would be channel letters because neon is tough to maintain and won’t last as long as most LED options

Your Source of Neon and Channel Letter Signs in Detroit, MI

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