The Power and Presence of Pylon Signs in Business Branding

LED Pylon Signs For Business Branding
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Building a strong presence in Detroit is crucial in establishing your business, and including signage in your marketing campaign is an integral part of accomplishing this. Pylon signs, in particular, are fantastic for showcasing your business from far distances and making your name known to locals. It does not matter how much digital marketing you do: if you can not connect with the people in and around your community, your business is doomed.

At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we know strong signs build powerful brands. They show you have invested in yourself and believe in what you are selling, and with signage that is impossible to miss, such as pylon signage, you give your business the best chance of being successful.

To learn more about how we have helped businesses build a recognizable brand name with signage, contact us.

Why Choose a Pylon Sign?

There are many reasons to install a pole sign outside your business. For starters, they are nearly impossible to miss and easily identify your business. The further away people can recognize your business, the better. If you offer something similar to someone else nearby, and people see your business before they see another nearby shop selling a similar product, they might choose your business simply because they saw your sign first.

They also are durable, which is key for any outdoor signage because they have to withstand weather conditions and last for many years to make the investment worthwhile.

Build a Powerful Brand Name

Whether you are a new business or have been around for years, there is always a need to establish your brand presence. The easier you are to recognize, the more people can spread word-of-mouth awareness for your business. Quality branding focuses on being strategic with advertising so people remember your name and associate your logo, name, slogan, and even the color scheme with your brand identity. This helps to to trigger a response that reminds them of your products or services.

Branding with a pylon sign is clever because people who drive by regularly are reminded of your presence every time they pass by. Even if they aren’t interested in your products at the time, it may make them think about trying your business in the future.

LED & Digital Signage

Digital pylon signs are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want a modern look. They are more engaging than static signs and give business owners the power to change their messaging and prepare content weeks in advance with a content management system.

You can also add LED lighting to a static pylon sign to improve visibility. Adding lights to your sign could be crucial if you operate a late-night business. It seems like a simple solution, but sometimes simple solutions make the most sense. At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we believe a LED pylon sign can be effective for nearly any business.

Stand Strong with Powerful Signage

If you want your business to stand out with strong signage that can be seen from miles away, Detroit MI Signs and Graphics is the signage partner for you! We have helped many businesses find new, exciting ways to use signage to attract customers—now let us help you!

Contact us today, and give your business the visibility it deserves with a new, powerful pylon sign.

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