Truck Wraps: A New Trend in Advertising

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More businesses than ever are making deliveries direct to customers in Detroit. A big reason for that is COVID-19: customers are choosing ‘contactless’ ways of shopping, turning to online shopping, and preferring at-home appointments. These changes in the way they do business have had a surprising upside for business owners! An excellent marketing opportunity!

Many businesses across the city have invested in delivery vans and trucks for the first time. And they are discovering the marketing potential of truck wraps and decals.

Truck Wraps Brand Your Vehicle

There are a couple of reasons why owners invest in custom vehicle wraps almost right away: branding the truck makes it more noticeable and identifies the business. At home and at job sites, customers are a lot more wary of letting unbranded commercial vehicles on their driveways or street parking than a branded car.

Branding the vehicle is just half the story and hardly a new trend. Heavy equipment wraps & graphics have been commonplace for years now, and most people expect commercial vehicles to be branded.

Advertising with Custom Truck Wraps and Decals

What business owners have discovered is the vast advertising potential of their vehicles! Large slab-sided vehicles make great mobile billboards.

  1. Impressions every time the vehicle is on the road – Expect thousands of impressions from road users and pedestrians every time your vehicles head out to make a delivery or a service call. Best of all, this advertising is for free! (except the cost of the wrap)
  2. Make an impact with local clientele – According to surveys, over 80 percent of a business’s customer base is located within 5 miles of it. Wraps are one of the best ways of advertising to a local clientele.
  3. Repeat marketing – As people see the truck repeatedly, the business starts to build confidence and top of mind recall. Both of these are incredibly potent at swaying purchase decisions in your favor.
  4. Advertise in the most coveted spots – Commercial vehicles are free to traverse virtually any part of Detroit. That means a business can advertise in the hottest spots without spending thousands of dollars on billboard rental.
  5. Interactive wraps – Wraps are a great way to advertise a new online store, social media handles, and more. Incentives like free shipping, same-day delivery, and exclusive discounts are great at driving up sales.

Even more value from your investment

Ever wonder why businesses invest in heavy equipment wraps & graphics? It’s because vinyl wraps are like a second skin for the vehicle. They protect it against scuffing and scratches that can accumulate from working on a job site. For commercial vehicles driving up and down city roads, wraps are excellent protection from grit, tire rubber, and stone chips. With winter coming, wraps will protect your paintwork from the dreaded road salt.

Speak to us to get creative wraps for your vehicles. At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we offer competitive rates on labor, and our designers will work with you to design personalized graphics that get results.

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