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What are Vinyl Graphics for Walls?

Vinyl lettering for walls are powerful ways to add a splash of color to your interior and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers and guests. Offices and commercial spaces in Bloomfield Hills have used these versatile vinyl materials for years to spruce up walls, advertise products, and connect with their customers. Compared to a traditional paint job, business owners have much wider options with vinyl graphics as they are digitally printed and can come in a variety of designs.

When properly installed, vinyl wall stickers can practically last a lifetime indoors. Have yours designed and manufactured by our graphic design experts. Not only do we carry the top-performing vinyl products in the area, but we also specialize in providing exceptional sign solutions to businesses like yours.

Choose Detroit MI Signs & Graphics for vinyl lettering for walls

Our team at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics can help transform blank walls in your business using commercial wall graphics. We can recommend ideal designs and phrasing that will suit your indoor spaces and your company’s aesthetic. Plus, our process includes everything, from design and creation to installation.

We recognize that individual businesses have unique needs. That’s why we’ll get to know yours specifically during our initial consultation for vinyl lettering for walls in Michigan. We’ll use this insight to find the ideal size and placement for your graphics, along with their shape, color, and design. Simply contact us to get started!

Your Options for Wall Graphics Vinyl

Thanks to the versatility of vinyl, you have some options when it comes to wall graphics. Lettering, logos, and images specific to your company can be proudly showcased on your walls to welcome and inform guests. The size of these designs is up to you, and our team can support you with both small and large wall graphics.

With vinyl lettering for walls from Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, you’ll receive a personalized touch. A unique approach to your graphics is what guests will remember as they move through your facility. Whether you use your graphics to highlight your offerings, share words of encouragement, or display company information, your custom wall graphics will be sure to deliver. They’ll also create additional touchpoints for your business, which goes a long way when it comes to increasing brand retention.

The sky’s the limit for your wall graphic’s design. Our team will consider compelling calls to action and imagery that reflect your brand. This will ensure your wall graphics in Michigan fit both the aesthetic in your facility and your company’s image. Reach out to our team for more details and design options regarding wall graphics near you in Detroit, MI. 

Uses for Office Wall Graphics

Besides improving your interior, commercial wall graphics have a lot more potential in helping your company succeed.


Your company logo is a characterization of your brand but so are your color scheme, your values, and what you do for your customers. Help your employees and target audience understand what you’re here for by surrounding them with impressive visual representations of your brand. Custom wall graphics that carry your company colors and themes help reinforce your brand and increase memory recall.


Every once in a while, you may have new products and services to offer and you want to get the word out to your target market. Show walk-in customers and guests what you have with large custom wall decals that display your best-selling products and latest offers.

Connecting with your Community

Vinyl lettering for walls is an excellent way of sharing important information. You can use it to creatively display your business hours, contact details, or social media handles on the wall behind the counter. For temporary announcements such as a seasonal sale or information on an upcoming event, you can opt for a lower-grade vinyl material that you can easily stick and remove as necessary without damaging your walls.


Sprucing up your interior has never been easier with semi-permanent and removable wall decals. Because they are relatively inexpensive, they have become a favorite among specialty stores in Bloomfield Hills. You can let your creativity run wild and use decals to decorate store walls and windows. You can even take it up a notch with intriguing 3D wall graphics that captivate your audience.

Your Trusted Source of vinyl lettering for walls in Detroit

For visual advertising that works, businesses around Bloomfield Hills and neighboring areas trust Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. Our results oriented sign professionals work with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism to ensure you receive no less than the best products in the market. Establishing your brand in your community can be easily achieved with the right signage solutions.

Call us today to speak with a vinyl graphics expert for a complementary consultation.

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