Which Kind of Acrylic Sign is Right for Me?

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Acrylic signs are commonly found indoors, as door signs, lobby signage, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, directories, and more. They are an incredibly customizable, durable sign that lends a modern look without breaking the bank.

One can even say these signs are the backbone of office signage. You will struggle to find any business in Detroit that doesn’t use acrylic signs somewhere on its premises. But what kind of sign should you get for your business? The never-ending list of customizations can overwhelm anyone, which is why we are going to explain the three most important factors for choosing the right sign for your premises.

What is acrylic? It is a type of Plexiglas material available in sheets about 1/8″ thick. The material is lightweight and, usually, transparent.

What type of acrylic sign is right for you?

Every premises is different, and acrylic signs in the interior should be personalized for your unique space. Take the time to understand what will match the décor and lighting and provide sufficient utility for visitors. There are three primary considerations to keep in mind when deciding what the right sign is for you: shape, printing style, and acrylic finish. Keep reading to understand the role each of these plays.

  1. Choosing the right shape of custom acrylic signs

You can cut acrylic sheets into virtually any shape you want. Some people prefer rectangular signs, while others like halos; some signs have straight edges, others have ornate detailing. With a cutting-edge fabrication unit, we can produce virtually any shape or cut out. Want signs that represent the shape of your logo? That’s absolutely doable!

  • Standard surface or subsurface printing

With standard surface printing (also called front side acrylic), paint is applied to the front of the acrylic. If you run your fingers over the front of the sign, you will feel the ink’s texture. Standard surface printing yields a matte finish, potentially improving legibility. However, since the ink is applied to the acrylic front, it is more prone to scratching and damage.

The alternative is second surface printing (or subsurface acrylic), where ink is applied to the sheet’s back. The front remains smooth to the touch, protecting the ink from everyday wear and tear. Second surface printing provides a glossy finish, which can cause glare in brightly lit spaces.

  • Clear, translucent frosted acrylic

Finally, choose the finish of the acrylic sheet itself. Acrylic is most commonly seen as a transparent sheet; it is also available in translucent and frosted styles. Which style is right for your custom acrylic signs depends on your application and design.

At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we work with all types of Detroit businesses for their outdoor and acrylic signs for the interiors. Whether you are looking for a single sign or a coordinated sign package, we are the team for you. Speak to a representative to discuss your signage needs.

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