Why are Vehicle Wraps so Effective for Outdoor Advertising?

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Businesses have turned increasingly to vinyl vehicle wraps for their commercial vehicles to promote their products and services. Wraps offer the best of both form and function. They can turn cars, pickups, vans and trucks into roaming billboards, all the while protecting the paintjob from dents and scratches. In this article we discuss why custom vehicle wraps are such an effective form of out-of-home advertising.

Turn heads and grab attention
Creatively designed and brightly colored vehicle wraps are an immediate visual draw on the road. In a sea of white, silver, grey and black cars, vibrant wraps really stand out. They are a great way to get eyeballs on your business name, logo, and promotions. Best of all, they aren’t just advertising to other drivers, pedestrians will notice them too.

Large potential audience
The larger your fleet the greater your reach will be. Commercial vehicles tend to drive thousands of miles every year – which is just perfect for advertising reach! Wraps are so effective that you could reach a wider audience in the physical world than through your website. Studies estimate a well-designed wrap can get up to 70,000 impressions every day, depending on where you live.

Non-intrusive marketing
It is a feature of out-of-home advertising that it interrupts people and generates some amount of negative goodwill: radio ads are a break in music, billboards add to visual clutter, and print ads interrupt text. Vehicle wraps are different; they don’t require someone to actively break their attention. People are less likely to “tune out” ads that are not in their face. In fact, people love seeing creative wraps – and sharing them on social media!

Mobile advertising
Custom vehicle wraps let you advertise in the hottest parts of town – for virtually next to nothing in cost! If a billboard in downtown Detroit costs thousands in rent every day, wrapped vehicles can achieve the same reach for a fraction of that. Also, as vehicles travel around the city you are able to advertise to a wider audience base and potentially explore new markets.

Vehicle wraps are social media fodder
People love putting up pictures and videos of cool, unique and unexpected things on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. And custom wraps are prime fodder. Look beyond plain vinyl vehicle wraps and you can tap into a world of social sharing and free publicity!

Affordable and changeable
Just because wraps last for years does not mean you have to keep the same messaging on the side of your vehicles for that long. Printing and installing new wraps is inexpensive and easy, letting you change your promotions frequently. We especially like the idea of seasonal and holiday themed wraps which are sure to capitalize on season demand.

Fleet graphics offer the lowest cost per thousand impressions of any out-of-home advertising medium says 3M.

Promote your business, protect your vehicles

Vinyl wraps are durable and the glues used to apply them do not damage a vehicle’s paintwork. That gives them excellent utility as a second skin for your vehicle. When it comes time to sell of that old workhorse, a pristine body can raise resale value too. Talk to Detroit Signs & Graphics about creative custom wraps for your vehicles.

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