Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Storefront Signs

Commercial Storefront Signs Detroit MI
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Commercial storefront signs are often the first signs people see before entering your business. While additional outdoor signs, placed around the community, may introduce potential customers to your business beforehand, your commercial storefront sign reinforces recognition for your business.

There are so many options when it comes to selecting the right commercial sign for your business’s storefront. This process may seem daunting, but this blog is here to offer all the information you need to make it a breeze.
At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, our goal is to get your business noticed. There are many forms of marketing, but we specialize in creating signs for businesses that directly impact anyone who passes by. To learn more about storefront signage, and to talk to a signage specialist about the services we offer, contact us at 1-248-397-8986.

What Should I Know Before Ordering My Storefront Sign?

Choosing a custom storefront sign for your business is an important decision that shouldn’t be made hastily. You may require many outdoor signs for your business, from window graphics to directional signs. However, finding the right commercial storefront sign to identify your business is the most crucial. Here are some elements to consider before making your final choice.
Quality Matters
The type of commercial storefront sign you use in front of your business could be an excellent choice, but if it’s poorly made, its appearance will reflect badly on your business. That is why working with a company, like Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, that is known for producing high-quality signage is crucial.
Once you invest in a high-quality sign, it is important to consider ongoing maintenance. Whether this means having an electrician work on your lighting system or scheduling weekly cleaning, knowing the best practices for your sign ensures it will always look its best.
Make Your Business Shine
Illumination helps commercial storefront sign get maximum exposure, especially when businesses are open late at night. If the lighting outside your business is poor or you’re looking to attract customers at all hours of the day, a lighting system for your sign is an excellent choice. There are plenty of signage options that offer illumination, including but not limited to:
• Channel Letters
• LED Signs
• Digital Signage
• Cabinet Signs
Browse our website to find your “wow” factor or speak to one of our sign makers about the features that will make your sign visible.
Align Your Sign with Your Brand
The type of commercial storefront sign you choose should align with your brand. If your business is marketed as a professional, chic office, consider investing in channel letters; however, if your business is a blue-collar bar and restaurant, choosing an illuminated metal sign would be a perfect fit. Knowing your target consumer base is essential when designing your signage.

Detroit MI Signs and Graphics: Making Quality Signs for Storefront Our Mission

If you are looking for storefront signs near me and are a business owner in Detroit, MI, it’s time to work with Detroit MI Signs and Graphics. We have provided many local clients with effective, impactful signage. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Contact us at 1-248-397-8986 and discover how many more customers you can attract with a high-quality commercial storefront sign.

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