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Strengthen your brand and build a strong customer base with outstanding lobby signs in Michigan. Making it easy for people to navigate your building environment is the easiest way to win their loyalty. Help them save time and feel comfortable doing business with you by installing highly functional office lobby signs from the sign professionals at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics.

Custom Lobby And Reception Signs In Michigan

In Michigan, you can rely on the team of signage specialists at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics to guide you in creating stand-out signage. We know how important lobby signs are for businesses in a competitive Michigan market. That’s why we’ll work with you to understand your business and your industry so that we can craft and install the most distinctive signs.
Whether you need lobby directory signs to display to tenants, lobby directional signs to guide guests, or lobby door signs to greet and inform people, we have you covered. We believe in taking an individualized approach so that you receive custom lobby signs that truly stand out.

Make a Great First Impression with office lobby signs

Office reception signage is an indispensable business partner. Whether or not you have a front desk receptionist, an office lobby sign that displays your company’s name and logo is essential to creating an impactful first impression on your customers.

When guests and customers enter your facility, your custom lobby signs will greet them. This sign can simply display your company name and/or logo to be effective. Blank walls won’t create a welcoming space; however, office reception signage is sure to make a vibrant interior that speaks to your brand.
Often the case in lobbies, guests may need to spend a few moments here. Your lobby sign can be used to inform people while they wait. You can use various lobby signs near you to display information about your company, your offerings, a timeline of events, and many more details. 

On top of making a great first impression, your office lobby signs will act as an ambassador for your company. You can rely on reception area signs to display your brand proudly, along with any other information that guests need to know upfront. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wow guests when they arrive with impressive signage.

Simply connect with us at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics to learn more and get started with a quote.

Complete Lobby Area Branding

Lobby area signage can do more than just welcome customers and guests. It can be fashioned to carry your company logo, colors, and other distinctive trademarks for better branding. Commonly, these versatile visual communication tools are used to provide directions, share vital information and advertise products and services.

Types of Lobby Signs for Business

Whether you run a small office or an entire office building with several tenants, our results-oriented team can create a lobby signage program that suits your brand’s personality. Below are some of the most popular products you can choose from.

If there are items you don’t see in the list above, feel free to discuss your concerns with our friendly graphic design specialists. We are open to exploring possible options to meet or even exceed your expectations. You can choose from our almost limitless gallery of designs and a wide array of materials for your reception area signs.

Top Lobby Signs for Indoor Use

When it comes to elegant and functional office lobby signs, businesses in South East Michigan trust only Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. We are known for the top-of-the-line materials and advanced installation methods we use in every project. Whether you need lobby logo signs or a complete reception area signage system, we can do it all for you.

Why Get Your Lobby Signs from Us?

Allow our team of lobby signage experts at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics to help you plan, design, and install only the best corporate lobby signs for your office in Michigan. We strive to be the Detroit sign company that works with a high level of integrity and professionalism that you can trust. We understand that each customer is unique, so we focus on hearing your goals in order to come up with a targeted solution for your visual marketing requirements.

Call Detroit MI Signs & Graphics today to request for a complimentary quote. 

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Lobby signs are an effective tool that will help your business make a great first impression. These signs will greet guests when they arrive and create a vibrant interior that showcases your brand. There are many types of lobby signs to choose from, including options that display your business name and logo along with others that offer information and directions for guests.

We encourage you to connect with us to talk to a sign consultant at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics about what you have in mind for your signage project. They will take into account your project details to provide you with a quote and offer more information about how long it will take to make your sign.

We can work with various file types, but PNGs are typically higher quality and work better.

Office lobby signs are a type of signage that will welcome customers and guests to your facility. They can display your company name and logo to command your brand’s presence when people arrive. Signage in your lobby can also be a key tool for communications to offer directions, information, and details about your offerings that people need.

The main two types of lobby signs that people use are dimensional letters and acrylic signs, but some people will use wall graphics, channel letters, or wall murals as lobby signs.

Detroit MI Signs & Graphics will manage installation for your sign. As part of our sign-making approach, we will work with your business through the entire sign manufacturing process. This includes everything from the initial consultation through to design, creation, and final installation. Read more about us and our approach.

3D letters are a type of sign that will be sure to generate attention. These three-dimensional signs stand out from their mounting surface and can be used to spell out your company name with prominence. They make an effective lobby sign type if you’d like to transform a blank wall in your lobby, including the area behind a reception desk.

Vinyl can be an effective signage material for lobby signs, such as with floor and wall graphics. Floor graphics can offer helpful directions when people arrive in your facility and guide them to specific locations. Wall graphics will add branding to your lobby to freshen up your walls, advertise your offerings, and communicate with guests.

Metal can be an effective material for certain types of lobby signs to achieve a sleek look in your facility. Connect with us to discuss what you have in mind. Our team at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics will offer professional recommendations on the type of sign and materials that will best suit your project.

Lobby signs impact offices by creating a welcoming, vibrant environment when guests arrive. With custom signage in your lobby, you’ll achieve a distinct look that showcases your brand. Your professionalism will shine, and you’ll be able to greet guests warmly with effective signs that offer information about your brand, your offerings, and more.

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