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Hanging directional signs are typically found in large retail outlets. In grocery and hardware stores, they help us save time finding what we need by properly identifying different aisles and sections. In addition to wayfinding, however, signs that hang from the ceiling have way more uses to your business in MI than you can imagine.

What are the Uses of Hanging Signs?

Throughout your facility, hanging & ceiling signs will have a powerful impact on your business. They serve many purposes and, with a custom approach, they can help enforce your brand identity.
If this is your first time looking into this type of signage for your business, consider some of these options for their use:

Whether you are looking for one of the sign types above or another option, a hanging sign company can help you achieve a solution that delivers on your objective. For a trusted sign manufacturer in Michigan that offers custom hanging signs, reach out to us at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. 

What Is Ceiling Signage and Why Is It Important to Have?

Hanging business signs are unique in that they are suspended overhead for better visibility. No matter where your customers or employees stand within your business spaces, they can easily see the exit sign over the door. Thanks to the latest in sign technology, you can now choose from a wide variety of materials for your ceiling signage. Hanging signs from drop ceilings can be made of lightweight PVC boards and printed using your company colors for better branding. They may be simple additions to your signage program but they are definitely necessary in providing your customers a delightful experience in your establishment.

Improve Customer Experience with Hanging Signs from Ceiling

Indoor and outdoor wayfinding signs are often overlooked but without them, customers will have a totally different experience. Immerse your customers completely in your brand by utilizing every space to communicate your message. Ceiling graphics are perfect for enhancing your office interiors while hanging signs from ceiling grids can hold temporary messages and seasonal announcements. Office corridor signs, on the other hand, promote a better flow of traffic in your business establishment and impart a sense of order.

The Best Hanging Signage for Your Business

Hanging business signage can come in different shapes and sizes. Our reliable sign experts at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics are always ready to sincerely hear your concerns and help you plan and design the most appropriate signage system for your built environment. Wayfinding ceiling signs that are meant to point customers to checkout counters, restrooms or exits are likely to stay in place for a very long time. Hence, you want these signs to be mounted securely and made of durable materials. LED lightboxes, digital displays, and double-faced panels suspended from cables or poles are some of the most popular in this category.

If you need to constantly change your signs, however, consider installing sign hangers instead. Hanging ceiling signs come as clips, hooks, and magnets that can hold signage made of lightweight materials. Drop ceiling signs, for example, can be hung from clips that you can attach to the metal ceiling tile grid. These pieces of visual messaging tools can effectively show customers the exit, introduce a new product or new branch location, announce upcoming events or simply share random messages.

Your Trusted Ceiling Sign Manufacturer "Near Me"

Regardless of the size of your business, our sign specialists at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics are ready to assist you with all your signage needs. We proudly serve businesses in the metro Detroit area with integrity and professionalism, providing only the best products and unparalleled custom service every customer deserves. Whether you need one hanging sign for your office or a complete set of wayfinding ceiling signage for your retail outlet, we can do it all for you.

Call Detroit MI Signs & Graphics now and book a free consultation.

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