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What Are Channel Letters?

Commonly used as exterior signage for restaurants, retail outlets, and businesses, channel letter signs are a close cousin of the dimensional letter sign. They are made with either aluminum or plastic housings that are shaped into letters but can also be customized to take on different shapes. They’re called “channels” because they can hold a series of LED light bulbs inside them. The sides of the cans are called “return” while the surface that observers see is called the “face.” The face is usually made of acrylic and can come in different colors to match your company’s color theme.

Advertise Your Brand 24/7 with LED Channel Letters

Before LED, there was neon. And for the longest time, businesses had to put up with regular maintenance and high energy costs. Today, thanks to the innovations in electroluminescence, businesses in Detroit can reap the benefits of custom channel letters and gain maximum exposure for their brand even at night.

In addition to illumination, these three-dimensional lighted letters are very effective in capturing your audience’s attention and establishing your brand’s credibility.

Choosing the Best Local Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

Local channel letter signs for outdoor signs are among the most potent tools in outdoor advertising and wayfinding. Light naturally catches attention, especially after sunset, making it easier for customers to find your location. However, not all businesses operate at night and get the maximum benefits of illuminated signage. If you are facing uncertainties, our friendly sign specialists at Detroit MI Signs & Graphics can definitely help you decide. Meanwhile, here are two of the most popular lighting options to choose from:

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Backlit channel letter signs, a.k.a. reverse channel letters or halo letters, display a solid face and are illuminated from behind. The open side of the housing faces the wall, allowing the light bulbs to reflect their light against it, creating a soft halo effect around each letter. These signs can be used outdoors but are best used indoors, especially if you are located inside a strip mall alongside other retail stores.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front lit channel letter signs, on the other hand, have a closed aluminum back and side panels and a plastic face that is lit from the inside. These are the standard for channel letters, with faces that can come in different colors to complement your building design.

The Finest channel letter signs near you in Detroit

Different businesses have different needs and no other channel letter sign company in Detroit understands this fact better like we do here Detroit MI Signs & Graphics. For this reason, our experienced channel letter sign makers “near me” always take the time to sincerely listen to your unique concerns and strive to give you customized signage solutions with creativity and expertise. Business owners in South East Michigan trust us to produce only the most outstanding products that meet and even exceed their expectations.

Call us today to speak with a lighted sign expert and book a complementary consultation.

Best Channel letter Signs in Detroit
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Channel letters are individual letters that are used to out a word or logo. They are three-dimensional, which makes them eye-catching, and also feature a lighting system, which increases visibility immensely. They are typically used as storefront signs, but they can be added to other signs, such as monument or pylon signs, or used indoors for lobby signs.
Channel letters are used to introduce businesses to potential customers. That’s why they are often used as storefront signs. Since they feature lighting systems, they are used to optimize or increase the visibility of a business from far away. The features of channel letters helps businesses make meaningful impressions and gain an edge over competitors.

The four different types of channel letters are:

● Front-Lit Channel Letters
● Reverse-Lit or Halo-Lit Channel Letters
● Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters
● Open Face Channel Letters

The difference between each type is the effect the light has on the letters. For more information, contact one of our sign specialists.

The lifespan of channel letters depends on many factors, such as the quality of the materials, the lighting system used, the weather signs are subjected to, and the quality of the installation. Given acrylic and aluminum are commonly used for production, these signs can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, or longer if they are maintained properly.
The following is a brief overview of how channel letters are made: ● A design is created and modified until approval is given ● A site survey is completed to understand the installation location ● The sign is produced with the chosen materials ● Electrical wiring is set up ● Installation is completed * Any permits that are needed can be acquired by your signage partner.
Channel letters are made from moldable sheet metal, typically aluminum, and an acrylic face. The metal forms the structure of the letters, and the acrylic face allows for the transmission of light, giving your sign visibility. Internal LED lighting is also necessary, powered by an electrical system.
Channel letters are installed by mounting the letters on either a raceway or a wireway. These are two different methods of containing and concealing the wires, which are necessary to connect the sign to a power source for proper illumination. Both are effective as long as an experienced professional handles the installation process.

The difference between channel letters and dimensional letters is that channel letters are illuminated, whereas dimensional letters are not. They are both freestanding, three-dimensional letters that come together to spell out a business name or logo. Due to its illumination, channel letters are better for outdoors, whereas dimensional letters are preferred indoors.

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