How To Choose The Right Sign Company For Your Business In Detroit, Michigan

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Signs don’t just convey a literal message to visitors of your business. The appearance of interior and exterior signs plays a big part in the overall look of the space. If you’re interested in new signage for your business, keep reading for tips for choosing a Detroit sign company that can provide you with the best options.

Determine What You Need
Your first step should be determining what signs you need. Some ADA signage is a must, such as those for restrooms. Another sign you’ll want is an outdoor sign telling potential customers the name of your business. Window signage, such as vinyl window lettering, can convey additional information like hours and contact information.
There are several other signs – depending on your type of business – that you might want to think about getting. For example, a clothing store may want signs pinpointing the location of dressing rooms, while bookshops might desire signs displaying book genres. Make a list of the signs you need so you’re prepared when you contact a Detroit sign company for pricing information.

Gather a List of Options
Multiple sign companies in Detroit may be able to provide you with the types of banners and signs you want, but that doesn’t mean they would be a good match for your business. Starting with a list of potential options can give you a good starting point for choosing one you feel is the best fit.

Narrow Down Your Options
Once you have your list of sign shops near you, start narrowing down your options. Make a list of your preferred requirements, including the types of signs you need and your budget, so you can trim your list down as you do further research.

Look at the List of Banners and Signs
Review the websites of each Detroit sign company to see if they sell what you need. Many offer banners and signs for the exterior and interior of a business but look into specifics beyond generalized categories. For example, maybe you want a mural or an outdoor backlit sign. If you don’t see what you need mentioned on the website, don’t automatically count out that business. You can always call and verify if they would be willing to do it.

Look at the Photos of Business Signs
A photo section on a website can tell a lot about the quality of work a sign company can do. However, don’t just rely on their website for images. Do an Internet search for user-generated photos, such as those posted on social media sites.

Read Reviews of Each Detroit Sign Company
Reading reviews written by past customers can help you determine which sign shop near you is worth contacting. Filter the dates of the reviews so you’re looking at the most recent ones, and make sure you’re reading legitimate reviews and not fake ones.
Once you have a few candidates, reach out to each Detroit sign company for more information, such as how long the job would take and the cost. Take notes so you’re prepared for when you’re ready to make your final decision. Contact Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, and we’ll provide details about how we can help you.

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