How to Use Pylon Signs To Enhance Your Business Image

Custom Pylon Signs for Business
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Signage plays a crucial role in helping you grow your business in the community. No matter how much online advertising you do, you need a powerful sign that gets visibility from a distance and shouts to the world: “We are open for business!”

What kind of sign can make a powerful statement, is durable against harsh weather, and is visible from a great distance?

Custom Pylon Signs for Business

If you are looking for a pylon sign company in Detroit, MI, with a reputation for producing outstanding results, Detroit MI Signs and Graphic is the business you need to call. We have helped many businesses grow their customer base with custom signage solutions, and we are ready to help you too!

For more information on pylon signs and how we manufacture and install them, contact us at 1-248-397-8986.

Why Use a Pylon Sign in Your Business?

There are many advantages to choosing pylon signage, including:

Advertise Multiple Business

Pylon signs are commonly used in strip malls and plazas because you can advertise multiple businesses. You can add a custom touch that helps all the businesses in the plaza thrive and can ultimately increase the renting value of the units in your plaza. If your location has a successful track record, people will be willing to pay more money to rent space in your location.

Visible From a Distance

There is no getting around the fact that if you want your business to be successful, people have to know it’s there. Pylon signs are an effective tool for getting eyes on your business from over a mile away. If people spot your business advertising something they want, they are more likely to go to your business if they see it before others.

We can also customize them with an LED illumination system to create a modern pylon sign that shines against the night’s sky and gets your business noticed from miles away.

Durability You Deserve

Pylon signs are made with metals, like steel or aluminum, and a concrete foundation that keeps them rooted in the ground. This isn’t the type of business sign to blow away in a windstorm, and forget about signage theft!

If you have confidence that your business will be around for years, pylon signs are a smart investment for long-term signage that is strong and dependable.

Don’t deal with the headaches of constantly maintaining your signage to look sharp. A pylon sign is a fantastic investment if you own property in a different city or state because you can be sure it will look good for years.

Start Capturing Interest From a Distance

If you are looking for ‘pylon signs near me’ on the internet, look no further. Detroit MI Signs and Graphics has you covered. We are ready to show you examples of successful projects we have completed to give you the peace of mind that you will get your sign the way you want it.

Contact us at 1-248-397-8986 and book a consultation with a signage specialist today!

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