Unique LED Signs for Business to Help You Make An Impression

Custom Led Signs For Business In Detroit MI
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LED signs are an effective tool for business owners because they allow you to advertise yourself no matter the type of day or weather conditions. They have a modern look, and every business that wants to stay relevant is having them installed as storefront signs, directional signs, or even simply decor. You name it, and we can make it into a custom LED sign.

At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, we make it our mission to stay current with popular trends, that way, we can impart our knowledge to all our loyal customers and keep them informed on what’s hot and what is not. Call us or message us for more information.

The Power of LED Signs and Illuminated Signage

Marketing and solutions that work for businesses are studied extensively in an effort to figure out what works best for local businesses. A study by vixen found that 63% of people say that digital signage captured their attention and 73% of educational institutions see digital signage as crucial for future communications.

Digital signage is not limited to LED technology, but the facts remain the same: signage that lights up gets more attention. You do not have to invest in digital signage to take advantage of the power of LED signs: You can have traditional signage with LED lights installed to improve readability.

LED Neon Signs

Neon signs were a hit in the 20th century. Every futuristic movie painted pictures of streets full of neon lights and everyone loved the look. They became extremely popular, but there was a downside: they were not that safe.

Thanks to modern LED technology, neon LED signs are making a comeback. They are much safer and more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. You can have a shop with a futuristic look that everyone was in awe of years ago. The future is now: embrace it.

When to Use Custom LED Signs for Business

If you run a late-night business, LED signs are the only signs that make sense. Every person who passes your establishment and doesn’t realize you are open is a missed opportunity. If you don’t take advantage of that, you’re losing out on what could have been a long-term business partnership or an owner/customer relationship that would have been profitable for you.

Practically any business owner can benefit from using LED signs for business. Whether you are using indoor LED signs with a digital display so you can change your message or using them outside to attract attention from people on the street, they have a strong place in the sign industry, and their popularity is only rising.

Call Us to Set Up a Consultation

If you are a business owner in Detroit looking for some free signage education, give us a call. We’ll set up a consultation to discuss LED signs, all their benefits, and the maintenance required so you can have state-of-the-art signage that always looks good.

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