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Custom vinyl wall graphics for Office
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The way you decorate your office is crucial to how people perceive you and how you run your business. As the leader in your office, you need to lead the way to a functional and orderly office space. You can use wall graphics and lettering as a way of establishing how you want your office to look and how you run your business in general.

At Detroit MI Signs and Graphics, we help business owners and office managers with branding and signage solutions to create a professional workspace. If you want to be viewed as a professional, you need to look the part.

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How You Can Use Wall Graphics and Lettering in Your Office

There are many things you can accomplish when you use wall graphics and lettering around your office, such as:
Motivate Your Employees
Motivational quotes, inspiring graphics, or your company mission statement are excellent ways to improve morale at the office. You can even use wall wraps for your office to create a beautiful custom mural or word cloud full of motivating quotes.
Encourage Cleanliness
This is a big one. By having an organized office, you are subliminally encouraging your employees to be neat and orderly in their work and workspace. Signage can play a huge role in cleanliness. Vinyl wall signage that looks pristine and well-maintained can set the tone. When you work with us, you get the services of a company that uses high-quality materials, ensuring your signs will look fresh for years.
Hide Imperfections On Your Wall
If you have an imperfection, such as a scratch or a paint chip, why not cover it with wall graphics or lettering? It is a quick fix, and none will be the wiser. An imperfection in your wall can be an unpleasant mark on an otherwise beautiful atmosphere.
Conversation Starter
This is perfect for when you have a client you are trying to impress. Wall graphics that are designed to make someone laugh or feel emotions are a fantastic way to break the ice. All it takes is seeing a smile or reaction from your client when they look at your wall decals to start a conversation that builds rapport.
This one may seem obvious, but it is crucial to establish your branding and to do it with pride. If you take pride in your office space, your staff will follow suit. It is also a way to impress potential business partners because they will see how passionate you are about your business. Whether you choose to brand in high volume or strategically and stylishly, don’t let people leave your office without remembering your name.
A simple and effective way to improve how visitors navigate your office is with directional wall signs. Vinyl arrows and signs are an excellent choice because they are easy to remove and low-cost. If you ever change the layout of your office, it is not sweet to remove your vinyl wall signage.

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