5 Benefits of Channel Letter Signs That You Cannot Ignore

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At a time when every main street business in Detroit is competing for the attention of prospective buyers, the ability of channel letter signs to make a business stand out really cannot be ignored. Engaging signage is often the starting point of the buyer journey and channel signs let you start it right. In this article we look at the five biggest benefits of custom channel letter signs.

What are channel letters?

Channel lettering is comprised of two basic features: three dimensional letters and illumination. Unlike other signs that are raceway-mounted (mounted on a backboard), letters in a channel sign are mounted individually. Each letter conceals its own lighting too. This gives business owners a lot of freedom to customize the appearance of the sign and play around with lighting.

Custom channel letter signs are often seen above restaurants, hotels, boutiques, office buildings and other such establishments.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Highly Visible

Dimensional letters literally ‘project outwards’ from the building, making them extremely visible. They can dominate a main street filled with flat storefront signage, drawing attention to themselves. A wide range of front-lit, backlit, combination lighting and neon lighting also makes them incredibly distinctive. And energy efficient LEDs let you advertise during the day and at night without hurting your energy bill.


These are some of the most distinctive signs you will find, creating a real sense of drama. Their aesthetic helps better establish your atmosphere, which is why they are often seen installed at premium establishments such as commercial buildings and boutiques. Combination front- and backlit signs also create a stunning lighting effect that passersby will not forget.


We customize virtually every aspect of channel letter signs for customers. From shape, design, contouring, material, and lighting, we can customize anything. This flexibility lets you realize your wildest visions and really capture your logo and brand. In fact, the only thing limiting your design is your own imagination.

This versatility extends even to mounting options, as a plethora of options are available for installation too.


Customized signs are all well and good but what it takes to succeed today is the ‘wow factor’. And channel signs sure deliver on that! Halo-lit, front-lit, neon lighting, changeable lighting colors and more can make channel letters a local landmark. It’s no wonder channel letters have been used as art installations across the country in city squares and even some art galleries.


Channel letter signs are not all the same. When you come to a sign shop like Detroit MI Signs & Graphics you know you will be getting a quality product. Our signs last longer than what you might see elsewhere and do not compromise on materials and installation. Our channel signs can withstand snow during the winter and handle the heat during the summer, making sure you receive your investment’s worth.

Looking for affordable, customizable channel letter signs? Discuss your design with us and get a quote for your signage.

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