Make a Positive First Impression on Your Customers with Custom Lobby Signs

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Making a strong first impression with customers is winning half the battle. If someone has a positive impression of a business, they will be pre-disposed to thinking favourably of it. Conversely, a bad first impression will mean the customer goes in expecting a bad experience.

A smart business will use custom lobby signs to build up their brand, establish trust and set the stage for interactions to come. Reception area signage has a profound effect on how professional the business appears, regardless of its industry. For lawyers and accountants, signage needs to convey solidity; a hospitality business should have clear wayfinding signage; small businesses should use signs to build confidence in the brand.

Clearly office lobby signs have a lot of potential to help the business make a great first impression. Here are some tips for achieving just that.


Use channel letter signs or dimensional signs to proudly display your business name and logo. Both these signs are immensely customizable and raise the ambience of the lobby. Additional signage like wall murals can complement your décor and provide a backstory to the business.

Industry expectation

When a (prospective) customer visits your establishment for the first time they bring an expectation of what the business should look like. For most people this is determined by their understanding of the industry. For instance, lawyers’ offices are expected to be professional and a little traditional; dentists’ offices are expected to be clinical and clean; and a creatives business is expected to be a little quirky. Fulfill those expectations with lobby signs.

Easy navigation

Tabletop signs demarcating the receptionist’s area, signs for parcel drop-off and directional signs showing the way to the washrooms add convenience. Visitors are more relaxed when they know they can navigate the space on their own.

Making a sale

The lobby is hardly the place to make a sale (unless you are a car dealer or stock broker), but there is no harm introducing customers to your products and services subtly. Digital signs are perfect for changeable messaging and creating a sense of urgency. LED signs such as tickers and digital displays are great at accomplishing this.

Tips for Designing Lobby Signs

No two businesses are alike and neither should the reception area signage be. Follow these tips to get custom signage that makes your business stand out.

Design – The larger the sign the more intricate it can be; the smaller the sign, the fewer details it should have. Intricate details are hard to distinguish when the sign itself is small.

Material choice – Use the different materials available for reception signs to your advantage. Metal, wood, acrylic and neon signs all offer a very different look. Choose a material that matches your décor.

Lighting options – We generally don’t recommend front-lit signs in the lobby because they can cast shadows over other fixtures. Halo-lit signs are usually best for legibility and a classy ambience.

The Best Signs for Your Lobby in Detroit

Business owners across the city trust  Detroit MI Signs & Graphics for their lobby signage. Why? Because our workmanship is flawless, and we can build any type of sign you want. Speak to us to discuss your design and get a quote for your signage.

Did you know we also do complete reception signage packages?

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