Fleet Wraps: Turn Your Trucks into Mobile Billboards

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Fleet wraps can turn an incredible return on investment. According to a 3M study, vinyl wraps offer the lowest CPM of any form of outdoor advertising at $0.48 per thousand impressions! The impressive ROI is made possible by wraps’ relatively low cost, a lack of advertising fee (like you would have to pay for a billboard), and the tremendous reach of wraps. By some estimates, even a single commercial vehicle with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a single year in Detroit.

There are several ways in which you can approach branding for your fleet: complete vehicle wraps, partial wraps, and custom cut lettering.

Turn your fleet into mobile billboards with fleet wraps

Complete vehicle wraps cover the body of the vehicle virtually. Even the windows can be decorated with perforated film, though some people choose not to install because they can reduce visibility slightly (depending on the design). With complete vinyl fleet wraps, you have an enormous canvas to work with. The roof and the four sides of the vehicle become a canvas. Advertising on the truck’s sides and rear is relatively obvious, given these areas are likely to draw the most attention. The roof, too, is a great way to advertise, being easily visible to inhabitants on higher floors.

Just because a large canvas is available, it does not mean you can be generous with your words. Keep the message short, crisp, and actionable. Easy to follow calls-to-action are far more likely to generate leads. Promotions should be simple to understand; things like “Sale on now” and “Book a free consultation” have been bywords for small and mid-sized business owners for years…because they work.

While advertising and the promotional message are one aspect, another is brand association. Audiences don’t need everything spelled out. Branding is a crucial part of advertising, providing context to the ad and building top of mind recall. Repeat marketing builds confidence and turns curiosity into a phone call or a form fill online.

Partial commercial fleet wraps are similar to full-body wraps but are applied to one or more sides of the vehicle. They are a great option if you want to keep your messaging brief and are unlikely to benefit from a fully branded truck.

Finally, you can also opt for custom cut lettering. Messages and small graphics (such as a logo) are printed on vinyl sheets, cut, and pasted individually on the truck. They are an essential branding and advertising tool that identifies the vehicle, and subtly promotes its offering. Custom lettering is the right choice if you are only looking to add ‘identifiers’ to your vehicle so customers can identify your location. Talk to a representative at Detroit MI Signs and Graphics for your fleet wraps. We make getting vinyl fleet wraps for your fleet completely turnkey: we design, print, and install wraps in-house. Our team schedules wrapping in a way that minimizes disruption to your business.

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