Floor Graphics: The Best Option for the Most Visible Space

Interior Floor Graphics
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Graphics on floors have long been used to enthral, excite and engage customers. They turn a bland element of the premises into a vital promotional tool. Airports, restaurants, grocery stores, commercial spaces and theme parks are just a few places where such signage can be found. Since social distancing has become essential, floor signs are now found at virtually all establishments in Detroit, MI.

In this article we look at what are floor graphics, their benefits and some creative custom floor decals.

What are floor graphics?

Vinyl floor graphics consist of three parts: a middle vinyl layer onto which the design is printed; a top laminate coating which protects the design from scuffs and provides an anti-slip surface; and an adhesive layer at the bottom which holds the graphic firmly in place.

Decals are a lot like stickers in that they can be peeled and stuck to the floor. Larger or specialized decals may require a little more preparation.

Graphics on the floor are usually installed as semi-permanent signage, though their life depends on the amount of foot traffic.

Our clients use them in reception areas, lobbies, at entertainment venues, stadiums, stores, gyms and other locations. Today, the greatest demand is for physical distancing signs that remind people to stand 6 feet apart.

Benefits of Using Floor Signs

  1. Branding

Floors are the largest, most underused advertising space at any business – and a great missed opportunity. Custom floor decals are a great way to create a compelling narrative around the brand and raise brand awareness.

  • Creative touch

Vinyl floor graphics help businesses decorate and differentiate from competitors. Creative designs can add a lot of visual flair to the space and raise top of mind recall. At Detroit MI Signs & Graphics, we encourage our customers to think out of the box for truly eye-catching designs.

  • Advertise ongoing promotions

You want to lead your patrons straight to ongoing promotions. Since graphics can be installed and removed with ease, many business owners use them to showcase short term promotions and deals. In fact, graphics positioned at entrances or closer to checkouts can be used to create a sense of urgency and drive impulse buys.

  • Wayfinding

Traffic management has always been a challenge for larger stores and commercial premises that see an influx of clients and customers. Decals on the floor are excellent for directing people where they want to go, reducing the burden on administrative staff.

  • Social distancing

The CDC has been clear in its advice – keep at least 6 feet apart to minimize transmission of the novel coronavirus. Floor graphics have come into their own, marking where people should stand while queuing, reminding them to check for symptoms and encouraging face masks. We design and print inexpensive custom social distancing graphics that match your branding and are appreciated by customers for the extra attention to detail.

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