The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Business’s Signage

Outdoor Business Signs in Detroit MI
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Those not in the sign industry often think signs are nothing special, but they are missing out on huge opportunities. They are not effectively using exterior business signs and building their brand, which is why we exist—we help businesses get where they need to go.

If you are looking for business sign companies near you that can manufacture and install signs, look no further. Detroit MI Signs and Graphics is here for you! Let us help you first by telling you how you can optimize your exterior business signs, then we can work on your interior and create a customer-friendly experience that will have people flocking to your business.
Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow with our custom signage solutions.

Make the Most of Your Signage

Before you can run, you must walk. We want to start you off with the basics of signage in our ultimate guide so you can understand the art of advertising with signs.

We cannot stress this enough: placement is everything. You can drive down the road and see ten signs in a row, all of which you know are for the same business because they are the same style and have the same colors on them, but due to the wind blowing around their flimsy material, you cannot read the sign.
If you are opening up a new business deep in a plaza, something as simple as a large wooden exterior business sign near the road of the plaza attracts attention. It might seem like nothing fancy, but it works. After you figure out your placement, you can improve on any sign with design and style.

Know Your Audience
A writer could write a fantastic book, but if they market it to the wrong audience, they never make any sales, no matter how good the story is. Outdoor business signage is the same: you have to know your audience and understand their needs and what they want. Display a message that appeals to your audience’s needs, wants, or desires. Show them you can provide an answer to a problem and watch how much business you get.

Know What Permits You Need
This is something you don’t have to worry about when you work with Detroit MI Signs and Graphics. We know the necessary permits for outdoor business signs, but it never hurts to educate yourself as well.

Your Signage Must Align with Your Branding
Your branding needs to stay consistent. The types of signs and the materials you use make a difference. This is similar to knowing your audience, except it is not about the message, but the signs themselves.
For example, if you run a fun business, like a comic bookstore, do you think an old-timey hanging wood sign would make an appropriate exterior business sign? Sure, you will get attention, and people will still come into your shop if they want comic books, but you are not marketing yourself smart and can capitalize on a lot more business with a better sign.

Detroit MI Signs and Graphics: Exterior Business Signs and Designs Done right

We could talk about signs all day. In fact, we do talk about them: all day, every day, every time we have a consultation with a client. It is what we know best, and there are many more details we can discuss during your consultation.
Don’t search for business signs near me any longer: call us at 1-248-397-8986 or send us a message and let us help you attract more customers with our exterior business signs.

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