Leave a Memorable Mark: Why Custom Lobby Signs Are a Must-Have

Custom Lobby signs for Business
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In business, leaving a memorable first impression is everything. Marketers and business owners study the psychology of people extensively, trying to figure out the importance of a first impression and how long it takes to make a first impression. It is the science of people, and if you want to make money in your industry, you better understand how to capitalize on it.
Luckily, there is an easy way to take advantage of that opportunity: custom lobby signs.
It doesn’t take much thinking to realize that your lobby signage is the first sign people see when they enter your business, and it goes to reason that these are the signs that make your first impression on people after they enter your building. Your custom lobby signs need to look pristine and have a unique touch so that people remember the name of your business.
With Detroit MI Signs and Graphics handling your project, you can relax knowing you are in good hands. We explain our process to all our clients to give them peace of mind knowing one of the best sign companies in the business is taking care of them.
If you are intrigued and want to talk to a signage specialist today about lobby signs for your business, contact us at 1-248-397-8986.

The Power of Custom Lobby Signage

If you have an eye-catching unique logo for your business that you regularly receive compliments on, why not show it off with a 3D custom lobby sign? The 3-Dimensional element looks strong and can be a sight to behold. But there are other options. It all depends on what look your company is going for.

Keep it Simple and Professional
If you are in an industry where your clients don’t expect anything fancy and all you have to show is that you are experienced and dependable, simple signage will do the trick. It is a way to display that you are neat and proper in your business and are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Business signs made from metal or acrylic help you achieve this. As long as they are made from quality materials and installed in proper locations, it should be enough to make anyone feel confident doing business with you.

Should I Try Something Unique?
If you want to display your creativity, then yes. Regardless of your industry, it’s always a good idea to try and get as creative as you possibly can. We encourage you to work with one of our graphic designers to create something unique because two minds working together are better than one.

Call Us to Book A Consultation

We have only scratched the surface. If you want signage that turns heads, book a consultation, and we can discuss what we can do for you in detail. We work with businesses in Detroit, MI, and beyond.
Call us at 248-397-8986 to talk to a signage specialist about a custom lobby sign for your building and discover the difference quality makes!

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