What Are Custom Monument Signs and How Can They Enhance My Business Image?

Modern Monument Signs For Business
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In business, to be perceived a certain way, you need the proper image. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you need to conduct yourself like one, acting and presenting yourself accordingly. Custom monument signs are your chance to make a statement about your business. These are majestic signs for posh, high-class businesses that offer many benefits.

If you want monument signs for business, Detroit MI Signs and Graphics has the goods. We have constructed many monument signs in the area and would be pleased to show you the results we have gotten for our clients.

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What Are Custom Monument Signs?

A monument is a structure that commemorates or honors something. A custom monument sign honors your business. They become landmarks in the neighborhood and are helpful in wayfinding, often providing reference points for people giving directions. They also establish a strong presence in the community because they exude power and prestige.

Custom monument signs are signs made from durable materials, such as concrete, metal, heavy-duty plastics, or stone monument signs. They are low to the ground (no taller than five feet tall) and wider than they are tall. Being low to the ground gives them excellent visibility to passing motorists.

How Do They Enhance Your Business Image?

As mentioned, if you want to be taken seriously as a professional high-class business, you have to look the part. There is a reason people dress up when they go to certain restaurants and functions, and there is a reason why a bar gets a reputation for being a ‘Dive Bar’. It is all about image.

• Custom monument signs help you project an elegant image. People have high expectations when they visit a business with a monument sign out front. These are the type of customers you want.
• You can also customize your sign to make it a modern monument sign by adding a digital sign board or other modern elements, such as LED channel letters on top of your monument sign.
• Residential monument signs are perfect for welcoming people into gated communities. You make the residents feel proud of where they live and make a bold statement to anyone looking to rent.
• Finally, we can’t overlook their durability. These signs are built with resilient materials and can last over a decade. It shows that you have faith in your business; that it will be around as long as your signage. This will give a boost of confidence amongst your clients.

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